New Roof, New Siding, New (old) House

When we purchased our home last year, it had a rather drab brown and off-white color scheme going on. It didn’t appear that a lot of thought or love went into the external look of the home, and it all just felt a little bit…sad.


On top of everything else, the roof and the siding were not in good shape, something we knew when we purchased the home. However, we thought we’d get a few more years out of both.

And then we had a wind storm.

After losing some siding and some shingles, we had a company come out to take a look. They highly recommended a new roof as ours was far past its prime, and also suggested new gutters as it’s helpful to do the roof and the gutters at the same time. Since we also had a rotting deck on top of our garage, we opted to have the roofing company remove the deck and put a new roof on the garage in its place.

The siding we decided could certainly wait another year or two, and so the work commenced on the rest of the projects.

The only big surprises (and I use that word lightly) were with the removal of the deck. The garage was very structurally unsound with a lot of rotting wood. So much, in fact, that the garage door had to be removed in order to replace a central beam.


As the work continued we started to throw around the idea of getting a quote for siding. May as well, right?! Well, as it turned out, if we wanted to get siding it was best to make that decision before they started putting the new gutters into place, because if we replaced the siding the gutters would then have to be removed and that process could damage the new roof.

So, after having the siding project quoted, we had about 24 hours to decide! At that point, it was a “may as well” scenario and we went for it.

As this was project wasn’t exactly in our short term plans, we only had the budget to go with standard vinyl siding. The line of vinyl siding our renovation company worked with was Royal Building Products.

There were a lot of different gray options, which is usually my go-to for everything. But I’m a sucker for blue houses. They always feel more friendly and inviting. Blue houses give off that “You definitely want to live here” vibe in a confident way, just bold enough without being too bold.

So, without any hesitation I knew that it had to be Heritage Blue (and fortunately, my husband kindly agreed with my immediate decision, even though blue may not have been his first choice).


With that, it was quickly, out with the old…


…and in with the new.


As soon as the Heritage Blue started going up, I knew without a doubt that this was the color our home was meant to be! No more sad and drab off-white siding. And the blue does such a nice job complimenting the new gray roof.


And, of course, what’s a post about the exterior of the tipsy old house, without a lovely tipsy view of the house.


In addition to the aesthetic updates with a new roof and siding, the primary reason we wanted to make these updates was to ensure our home was better protected against the elements:

  • Replacing rotted areas in the roof and installing a new roof helps ensure the home is protected against future leaks.
  • Insulation placed beneath the siding helps keep the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Removing damaged and improperly installed siding creates another barrier against the elements.

We are so thrilled with how this project came out, and the 3-4 weeks it took to complete went by rather quickly. Heritage Blue definitely suits our home’s personality!



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