One Year In The Tipsy Old House

Exactly one year ago we closed on the Tipsy Old House.


While I knew this house was going to be a project, I never realized that the house would truly feel like a needy fourth child (the irony is also not lost on me that this is also the fourth home we have owned!).

In just one year we have:

  • Had two bathrooms fully renovated
  • Replaced the siding, roof, and gutters
  • Removed the rooftop deck on top of the garage (and had a lot of rotting wood replaced)
  • Had the entire interior painted
  • Painted the kitchen cabinets
  • Replaced all of the interior light fixtures except for two fixtures and a few ceiling fans
  • Had all of the window screens replaced (there were holes in every. single. screen.)
  • Purchased a new oven and dishwasher
  • Purchased a new washer and dryer

Those are all of the big ticket projects. I’ve done so many little projects over time, including covering the main floor bathroom’s floor with vinyl tiles, installing faux built-ins, building and installing a faux fireplace, painting interior doors, caulking endless baseboards, and rearranging the living room about 7 times before (hopefully) settling on a layout.

I’m so thrilled to see what this next year brings, because this house is a never ending project with a rich history and so much untapped potential!

Happy house-a-versary, Tipsy Old House!


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