Farmhouse Style Galvanized Lights For Under $100!


This post contains affiliate links.

In the past year, I have replaced every single light in our house except for two rooms (one of which is the master bedroom light, because of course our room always comes last). I’ve even replaced all of the exterior lighting. I went from not really caring about lighting being completely obsessed.

In the course of my research, I am pretty sure I’ve looked at every single light fixture within the categories of “farmhouse,” “schoolhouse,” “barn,” and “rustic.” Needless to say I’ve had a bit of lighting fatigue, but I also feel incredibly knowledgeable on the lighting front.

Over the course of my hours of lighting research, one style I fell in love with were galvanized lights. I have some spaces where I didn’t want to do a nickel finish but I needed to keep the finish on the light fixtures light in order to keep the space bright. And with white ceilings, well, white light fixtures don’t make sense.

The best option has been light fixtures with galvanized metal, which happen to provide a fantastic farmhouse feel without being too over-the-top.

Here is a round up of my favorite galvanized light fixtures on Amazon, all for under $100.

Urban Barn 10 1/4″ Wide Galvanized Ceiling Light | $49

This Urban Barn galvanized light, to me, just screams farmhouse style and at an amazing price! I actually just had this installed in our downstairs bathroom (I can’t wait to share updates on that bathroom!) and it looks amazing in person.

Urban Barn 11 1/4″ High Galvanized Indoor-Outdoor Wall Light | $49.99

This goose neck light by Urban Barn is the quintessential farmhouse style light and is super trendy right now. I have different versions of this light in white and galvanized, and I love it. Is works everywhere, from above bathroom mirrors to above exterior doorways.

Design House Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light | $20

For a super budget friendly option, this semi flush mount light by Design House has great style for a really fantastic price tag ($20!!).


Franklin Park 8 1/2″ Wide Galvanized Outdoor Ceiling Light | $99

For a more industrial feel, this Franklin Park light is a great option.

Design House Kimball 3 Light Vanity Light | $55

Vanity lighting is always so challenging, and this light by Design House is nice and simple.

I hope you’ve been inspired to integrate some galvanized lighting into your house – happy light shopping!


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