Homemade Furniture Stain & Console Table Reveal

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I’m so thrilled to share that my console table is built, stained, and in its new home in my living room! After much deliberation on what console table plans to use, I ended up making the $25 Console Table from Sawdust to Sequins.

Check it out!


This was such an easy plan! I knocked it out in a couple of hours. This would be a fantastic beginner’s project if you’re just getting started building, and also if you’re starting to explore using a Kreg Jig and pocket holes.


I did make some modifications to the original plan. My local Home Depot only sells 2×4’s in 8′ lengths, which are just a little too long for me to fit in my small SUV. Since I was in a hurry to get home so that I could start building, I wasn’t in the mood to get the 2×4’s cut down in the store. Instead, I purchased 1×4’s, which means my table is a little less chunky than the original plans.

I also ended up using two 1×8’s for the table top instead of three 1×6’s because I had the 1×8’s leftover from a different project.

In addition to the lumber, the tools I used were:

I ran to my nearest Home Depot around 6:30pm one evening, picked up lumber, came home to build, and was done with the table around 9:30pm! Seriously, such a quick and easy project.

And the overall effect on the room? I think this photo says it all! There’s about 2 feet between the back of the sofa and the console table. The table helps anchor the room and makes sense of the that awkward space behind the sofa. And the best part? Adding in that lamp on the table helps immensely with lighting the room in the evenings!


What I’m most excited to share is how i finished the table! Over the past year I’ve gotten a little bit obsessed with homemade stain. I love the look of stain, but I don’t love the fumes. The mess. And the fear that I’m going to set something on fire by not disposing of rags/paper towels correctly after I’m done using stain (am I paranoid? Probably. I embrace that paranoia!).

But I don’t necessarily want to paint every piece of furniture I make. So I started exploring different homemade stain recipes and have happily settled on a homemade stain that I love (and yes – the coffee table in the photo above is also finished with that same homemade stain!).


As you can see from the image above, the wood nicely darkens up after just two coats. And I love that I can just make up a batch of stain when I want it, and keep it in a mason jar.


The recipe for the stain is super simple and made from ingredients I have around the house:

  • Ground coffee
  • Steel wool
  • White vinegar

I put about 2 tablespoons of ground coffee in a pint-sized mason jar, add in a steel wool pad, and pour in white vinegar until the steel wool is covered and leave it for about 18-24 hours. When I’m ready to use it, it remove the steel wool, use a fine mesh strainer to strain out the coffee grounds, and then it’s ready to go.

The first coat tends to look really splotchy and a rather unappealing color, which the first time around made me feel like I’d made a huge mistake. But after about 15 minutes I add another coat and the overall color starts to improve. After another 15-20 minutes I’ll touch up any spots that haven’t covered well, and then I leave it be.

By the next day, the color has darkened up a bit more to a nice medium brown with gray undertones. Such an easy process, with the only downside being your house might smell just a bit like sauerkraut while you’re staining because of all of the vinegar. That’s a downside I can handle!

When I’m done, I prefer to keep the furniture with more of a matte finish, so if anything, I’ll put on a coat of Rustoleum’s Ultra Matte Topcoat one to two days after I’ve finished staining the piece.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoy building and finish projects, and getting this table completed was such a fun way to improve my living room last week! And all for under $50.

Have you experimented with any homemade stain recipes? Do share!



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