Console Tables from Target for Under $120


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Last week I shared some of the plans I’ve been eyeing for consoles tables! I’m so excited to head out and by lumber this evening to get started on a table (which table is still to be determined – there are so many great ones to choose from!).

But for those of you not ready to get building, there are so really awesome console table options out there. I was particularly impressed with the selection I found at Target – great farmhouse style at awesome prices! Here are some of my favorites, all under $120!

Convenience Concepts Oxford Console Table Gray Medium Convenience Concepts β€’ $63.99
Threshold Owings Console Table with 2 Shelves β€’ $90.99
Threshold Windham Console Table β€’ $119.99
Threshold Wheaton Trestle Base Console Table β€’ $83.99

So many great console table options that won’t break the bank, whether you’re up for building or buying!

I’m psyched to get started on my table tonight, I just need to hurry up and make a decision on exactly what table I want to build!


Roud Up of DIY Farmhouse Console Tables

I’ve been itching lately to build some furniture, and I’ve finally narrowed in on a perfect project – a farmhouse-style console table for my living room.

I tend to rearrange rooms over and over again until I land on the perfect set up (seriously – I’ve moved our piano by myself 3 or 4 times in the past 6 months!), and now that our living room is hopefully settled, I have the perfect space for a console table. Adding this table will also solve another problem in the room: lighting! We desperately need a lamp in that back corner and nothing has seemed right. This table will be the perfect place for a lamp.

To test out the look in the space, I moved the book rack console table from my kitchen (built from awesome Rogue Engineer plans). Don’t mind the little feet that decided to photo bomb this shot!


My only real requirements of this project are:

  • Farmhouse style
  • Ability to use as much wood from my scrap pile as possible (1×3’s, 1×6’s, and 2x2s)
  • A quick and straightforward build

I’ve been busy pinning away possible console table build plans, and have settled on some favorites. Clearly the letter “x” is a popular theme throughout console tables right now!

Double X Console Table | plans by Hertoolbelt for Remodelaholic
$25 Console Table | plans by Sawdust to Sequins
Diagonal Base Farmhouse Console Table | plans by Shanty2Chic
$50 DIY Console Table | Plans by Sawdust Girl
Rustic X Console |plans by Ana White

These are some of my favorites, but there are so many awesome console table plans out there! What plans have grabbed your attention lately?

Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Twin Bed Inspiration…for Twins!

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Modern Farmhouse style Beds For Kids

My twins are about to turn three (I either sniffle at that thought or shout “hooray!” in my head depending on the day…no…minute), and it’s due time they get “big kid beds” of their very own. They are beyond excited.

This, of course, has resulted in weeks and endless hours of creative Google searches seeking out the bed that was just right while also budget friendly. Below are my favorites, in no particular order (ok, there is an order: leading off with my all-time favorite!).

1. Jenny Lind from Land of Nod: I have drooled over this bed for years! I love the classic, vintage look of a Jenny Lind bed. There is something so sweet about it! If budget weren’t an option (remember with twins, I have to buy double!), I would have looked no further and bought two of these immediately.

Land of Nod: Jenny Lind Bed ($499)

2. Little Seeds Monarch Hill Little Wren Bed: This bed by Little Seeds has much of the charm of the Jenny Lind bed, but at a more reasonable price tag (Target and other sites definitely have this bed on sale from time to time, which helps even more). I also love that I can buy it from Target, which means easy returns if there are issues.

Target: Little Seeds Monarch Hill Little Wren Bed ($300)

3. Bed, Bath & Beyond: Verona Home Lavera Industrial Metal Frame: This bed has a lovely, classic feel to it. I think it definitely delivers on a vintage/farmhouse vibe but doesn’t have the spindles that I, for whatever reason, simply love!

Bed, Bath & Beyond: Verona Home Lavera Industrial Metal Frame ($300)

4. Target: Inspire Q Caledonia Metal Bed Twin: Another solid choice from Target (and again, awesome option to purchase online but return in store if needed). My biggest concern with this bed is the circular features of the design and what body parts my children might get stuck in those circles! (I wish I were joking)

Target: Inspire Q Caledonia Metal Bed Twin ($349)

After triple checking that the Jenny Lind was definitely out of budget (yep, still to expensive!), I landed on the second option, the Little Seeds bed!

I love the vintage feel of the Little Seeds bed, giving the elements I love of the Jenny Lind style without the Jenny Lind price tag. The bed was actually just on sale at Target, so I was able to snag two of these at a pretty good price!

I’m anxious awaiting the arrival of these bed frames, and as soon as I pull the trigger on mattresses and box springs, we’ll be good to go. It’s going to be super adorable getting these beds set up for the twins!

And to continue pulling the room together (which had been a bit sad since we moved into our house – not a lot of decor and a random assortment of furniture!), bedding and other details will definitely pull the space together. While I love farmhouse styles, I love making our space a little more “modern farmhouse” with some bright pops of color, especially for the kids!


Pottery Barn Teen W wall decoration | Land of Nod Bar Rug | World Market Aged Zinc Ethan Wall Sconce | Land of Nod Stitched Green Blanket | Pottery Barn Teen O wall decoration | Land of Nod Stitched Pink Blanket

Pulling together all of the details is so much fun! Since we already own the Bar Rug from Land of Nod, I thought it would be fun to draw out some of those colors with the pink and green quilts. We can add in some pattern details with fun sheets that fit their different personalities!

And I love the idea of hanging their first initials above their beds. I would eventually want to swap the letters out for a light, like the World Market Ethan wall sconce (we actually have two sconces in our master bedroom and one above our 5-year-old’s bed) – I love the look and they’re super affordable – but I think the twins need to be a little bit older than three before having lights above their beds. We can’t introduce too many new things at once!

A modern farmhouse style room for my twins is going to be so much fun to design and I can’t wait to share updates as things continue to come together!